Terms OF Services

Violation of Agreement

In the case . that the customer has violated the agreement, all serices of the client will be suspended and may termiated ( and the account which belongs to the client that has viloated this agreement may be suspended without any notice. TazzHost reserves the right to decide what is and what is not a violation of its Terms of Services.

Uptime Guaranteed

Our servers are powerful and are up all the time. Our client will not face any issue of downtime. Our servers have a limit of accounts to made , so that we can balance the load on servers. We do not overload servers , Overloading servers cause the issue of downtime. We may down for few minutes for routing issues or some serious issues. You can check our server uptime in our client area , there is an option of "Server Status" , Click on it and our servers and the uptime will be written here.

Refund Policy

We provide refund policy. You can get refund in under 15 Days If you do not like our services or for the other reasons. You will get refund your money in your account back. For refunding , Please open a ticket in the billing department. The amount of the licenses of external scripts (softaculous , cPanel VPS Optimized , WHMCS) will not be refunded. We do not provide refund on Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers.


If you have exceeded your limit of your web hosting account , you will be reminded. We are providing the bandwidth by per month. For example you get 100Gb/month , it means that there is 100GB bandwidth for use in a month. If you exceed it , your site will giving you an error of bandwidth limit exceeded. Then , you should go for the next web hosting plan , so that you can get more bandwidth for your website. It's on you , that you want to upgrade or not. We don't charge any fees

Abusing Staff

Our staff is working for our services to make it great and to make the support good. If you abuse our staff in forms of harrassment, threats, blackmailing, or bribing by yelling, shouting, or swearing , your account will permanantely suspended or may terminated (without any Refund).

Fraud Order

We have the fraud-proof system in our client portal , If someone is going to order by fraud , the system will automatically banned his/her IP from the client area.

CPU Resources Usage

We allow 15% of cpu resource usage (in 60 seconds) for the clients (per account). You should optimized your wordpress , joomla etc to keep your load below than 15% and keep your website up with the great speed. If the client exceed this limit , TazzHost will suspend his/her account and will open a ticket regarding it.

Acceptable Services

We do not allow the following things to host on our servers.

Child Pornography

Adult Content

Copyrighted Material that does not belong to you

IRC Networks

Image Hosting Websites

Port Scanners

Gambling & Pharmacy Sites

Nulled Scripts and Forums

Lottery Sites

Image & Video Hosting Sites

Banner-Ad Services

Pirated Software

Warez or Warez Linking

Botnet Controllers

Scamming or Fake Websites

Phishing Pages

Fraudlent Credit Card Orders

Account Suspending Due to the Nulled Scripts

If we recieve any email from the companies of the scripts (vBulletin , WHMCS etc) that you are running an illegal or nulled script , we will suspend your account instantly without any notification.

Reseller Accounts Activation

The clients of the reseller , does't neet to be approved or activated by TazzHost , It's the reseller right that what he want to do , automatic order or activating order but the activating will not be from us it will be from the reseller owner by him/her self.

Automation of Reseller

We allow our resellers to automate their services with their billing system. So , their clients can get their account instant and automatic (by the billing system).

Termination of Accounts

Your account will be terminated automatically If you overdue your invoice by 30 days.

Editing Terms OF Services

We can change this document at any time but we will give the update to you people by the email , facebook page ,twitter page , client area and on some forums about the changing.


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